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Morning Presentations

High-Resolution Compositional, Geomechanical, and Permeability Profiling Along a 230m Continuous Core of the Montney Formation (Alberta, Canada): An Integrated Core and Log Analysis Approach
D. Becerra, C. Clarkson, A. Ghanizadeh
Integrated Fracture Characterization Workflow With Borehole Images and Resistivity Logs
B. Gong, H. Wang
Fractured Tectonic Zones In Granitic And Volcanic Basement Rocks And Relationship With Critically Stressed Fractures and Production, Neuquina Basin, Argentina
J. M. Paris, M. F. Barrionuevo, J. Grisolia, G. Crespo, C. Palacios
Pore Structure and Fractal Characteristics of a Lacustrine Low-Maturity Shale in the Bohai Bay Basin
M. Guan, X. Liu, Z. Jin
Anticlinal Aguada Bandera Formation: An Under-Explored Unconventional Shale Play Within Southern Argentinean Patagonia
V. Lazzari, M. F. Rincon, M. Fasola, M. E. Pascariello
The Impact of Stress on Gas Production from the Shale
K. Aminian, S. Ameri
Effect of Reservoir Heterogeneity by Depositional Environment and Its Application to the Sagd Process
H. Shin, C-H. Jun, J. Lee
Desorption Characteristics of Adsorbed Gas of Shale in Longmaxi Formation in Southwest Sichuan Basin
C. Changhong, C. Qian, C. hongbin
Methods for Sweet Spot Identification and Characterization in the Vaca Muerta Formation Using Elastic Properties and Geostatistics
L. Giraldo, L. Ochoa, L. A. Vernengo, R. Romero, W. Gonzalez
UAV-Based Photogrammetry for Facies Architecture and Fluvial Sequence Stratigraphic Definition of the Burro Canyon Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado
J. Tellez, M. J. Pranter, R. Cole
Stratigraphic- to Lamina-Scale Heterogeneity in a Fluvial-Estuarine Reservoir Analog: Valanginian Mulichinco Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
M. S. Olivo, D. A. Kietzmann, N. D. Waldmann, J. Espínola, N. Taha
New Insights in the Characterization of the Springhill Formation Play in the Austral Basin, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
D. Ancheta, J. P. Lovecchio, G. M. Covellone, M. Naipauer, M. R. Atencio, G. Azpiroz, V. Meissinger
Petrophysical Properties of a Carboniferous Reservoir Analog in the Itararé Group, Paraná Basin, Southern Brazil
L. Neves, C. Guedes, F. Vesely
High-Resolution Automated Petrographic Study of Tight Gas Las Lajas Formation, Neuquen Basin
A. De Haller, A. Moscariello*, J. Massaferro
Linking the Orinoco Shelf-Margin Deposits to the Deepwater, an Example From the Miocene, Cruse Formation, Trinidad
A. Osman, R. J. Steel, M. Jackman, R. Ramsook
Frequency Decomposition To Reveal And Validate Geological Concepts For Further Development. Examples From Cerro Piedra Area, Western San Jorge Basin, Argentina.
T. Santana, M. Elizondo, H. M. Garcia
Incised Valley and Submarine Canyons in Lajas Formation: Advances in the Knowledge of Exploratory Play
F. J. Pagan, K. Mykietiuk, F. Fernandez Bell Fano, R. Guerello
Sedimentological Model of Los Molles Formation (Cuyo Group, Middle Jurassic) at Arroyo Carreri, Neuquen Basin
T. Lopez Cajaraville, D. A. Kietzmann
Influence Of Bottom-Currents On Turbidite Systems: Insights From An Integrated Characterization Of The Corinth Rift, Greece
S. Rohais, R. RUBI, J-C. Lecomte, D. Sakellariou, J. Schmitz, S. Bourquin, I. C. Moretti
Paleocene to Early Eocene Deep-Water Wilcox Depositional Characteristics, Gulf of Mexico: Influence of Cretaceous Sea-Floor Topography, Warm Climate and High Sediment Supply
J. Wegner, G. Regan
Facies Characterization Of Deep Water Tidalites—A Necessary Tool For Exploration—Case Study From Cauvery And Krishna—Godavari Basins, India
A. Mondal, S. Chakrabarty
Depositional Setting of Deep-Water Sediments of the Wilcox Formation, Perdido Fold Belt, Gulf of Mexico, Mexico
E. M. Hernández Diazgirón, D. R. Lowe*
Using Seismic Multi Attributes To Predict Carbonate Reservoir Thickness Of Presalt In Block L Brazil
Z. Yonggang, W. Chaofeng, w. hongping, y. liu, G. Zuo, Y. Guo
Lighting up a Deep water Slope Channel System Geomorphology using sorts of 3D Seismic Attributes in the Trujillo Basin, Offshore of Peru
V. Cabello Rios, A. Quispe Muñoz, D. Timoteo*
Aguada Pichana Este Case Study
Detection Of Strike Slip Faults Through Integration Of Geological And Geophysical Data: Case Studies From Saudi Arabia
D. H. Shahzad, S. Simon, L. Anren, W. Weihua, L. F. LaFreniere
Cenozoic Turbidite Systems of Onshore Angola: Facies Analysis and Paleo-Environmental Interpretation of The Massambala Heavy Oil Accumulation
M. Perreira, E. Tudisca, M. Ragazzi, A. F. Viera
Towards Improved Stratigraphy Of Proterozoic Basins: Telling The Time From Single Glauconite Grains And Shales Using In-situ Laser Rb/ Sr Dating.
J. Farkas, E. Cassidy, M. L. Blades*, A. S. Collins, S. Gilbert, A. A. Redaa, R. Charkrabarti, G. Cox, S. Loehr, T. Zack
Sand characterization and provenance of the Guyanese Rivers-Implications for off-shore sediment development
R. Taylor, S. Nadeau, E. Carillo, G. Nestor, P. B. O'Sullivan, C. J. Davies
Petrographic, Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterization of Organic-rich, Fine-grained Deposits in the Pilmatue Member of the Neuquen Basin: Implications for the Exploration and Development of Unconventional Reservoirs
M. N. Remirez, L. A. Spalletti, M. F. Isla
The Terrigenous Depositional Response During the Relative High Sea Level Period, Example from Ancient Delta System in East Kalimantan, Indonesia
E. Septama
Mixed Carbonate-clastic Reservoir Variability In The Albian Mauddud Formation, North Kuwait, With Implications For Conventional And Unconventional Development Strategies.
A. Al-Enezi, N. Cross, S. K. Singh, S. Behbehani
Effect of intra-reservoir faults on predicting reservoir performance
I. Ali, R. Hosein, R. Ramsook

afternoon presentations

Afternoon Presentations

Controls on the Miocene to Recent Infill of the Lower Guajira Basin of Northern Colombia
A. J. Romero Quete, J. A. Mora, V. R. VELEZ
Tectonic Geography and Evolution of the Palaeoproterozoic to Mesoproterozoic McArthur — Yanliao Gulf: The Setting for a Giant Proterozoic Petroleum System
M. L. Blades, B. Yang, D. Subarkah, E. Cassidy, C. Cruz, A. S. Collins, J. Payne, J. Farkas, S. Glorie, T. Munson
Seismic, Magnetotelluric, Geological Surface And Wells Data Integration In The Exploratory Potential Evaluation Of The Bolivian Subandine: Study Case In The Muchirí Anticline
A. M. Goncalves, E. Lázaro, N. Cuevas, J. Soria Galvarro
Oil Discovery in Ordovician Prerift Sequences Las Breñas Formation, Lomas de Olmedo Sub-Basin, Northwestern Argentina
M. E. Agüera, H. J. Belotti, P. Cavalleri, C. Naides, J. S. Porras
A Three-Dimensional Insight Into the Lower Magdalena Valley Forearc Basin of Northwest Colombia: Implications for Thermal History and Petroleum Systems
A. Mora, R. Ondrak, R. Gonzalez, E. Kinoshita, G. Veloza, O. Oncken, V. Velez, M. De Freitas
Stratigraphy Analysis On Strike-slip Settings, Colombia
A. M. Sarmeinto-Orjuela, T. Villamil
Insights on the Late Cenozoic Evolution of the Río Grande Foreland Basin in South Mendoza Province, Argentina
R. Feal, M. Ghiglione, R. V. Ondrak, M. Strecker, F. Tapia Silva
Tucano Sul Basin: The New Dawn of a Gas Province in Northeast Brazil
G. Castilho, L. Priori, F. Fontes
Kinematic Evolution of the Humadea Anticline, Llanos Foreland Basin, Colombia
B. Carter, O. Machado, C. Varela, J. Franques, J. Carballo, M. Rojette
Tectonic Evolution Of The Malargue Fold And Thrust Belt At 34.5°S
S. S. Brisson, G. Palmieri, D. Pontet, F. Martos, L. Fennell, A. Folguera
Drilling Strategy of the Deepest Well In Bolivia
M. A. Bertarelli, E. C. Badani, R. Durán
A Quantitative Seal Analysis Workflow: Towards a Standardized Risking Process
A. Alghuraybi, M. A. Abu Ali
Study On The Development Characteristics Of Effective Fractures And In-situ Stress-the Key To Efficient Development Of Bedrock Reservoir
Z. Wang, L. Zeng, N. Meng
Experimental Investigation of the Rock Elastic Properties Anisotropy and Influences on Evaluating Shale Fracability For Hydraulic Fracturing Optimization
M. Salah, M. Ibrahim, M. Ibrahim
Analysis of Structural Seismic Attributes and Geomechanical Modeling For Fracture Interpretation
U. Rodriguez, R. H. Peterson, D. A. Paton, E. Mortimer
Application of Geomechanics for Drilling Risk Analysis in Unconventional Reservoir.
R. Escobar, V. Merchan
Completion And Wellbore Geomechanics In High Stress Settings - A Case Study From The Vaca Muerta Shale
R. Ehlich, M. Pellicer, P. M. Duncan, O. Teran*, C. Remington
Geomechanical Characterization of a Tight Gas Reservoir in the Neuquen Basin, Neuquen Province, Argentina
E. Diaz, B. Espindola
Understanding Fault Block Compartmentalization Using 1-D and 3-D Geomechanics Analysis: Heidrun Field, Norway
V. V. Riguete, R. C. Mota*, A. Bazoni
In-Situ Stress State of the Upper Paleozoic Coal-Bearing Strata in the Southern Qinshui Basin, China: Implications for Unconventional Natural Gas Exploration and Production
J. Shi, L. Zeng
Using machine learning techniques for mapping dolomitic facies in a triple porosity calcareous reservoir. Campeche Sound, Gulf of Mexico
A. Cervantes-Velazquez, J. J. Tellez, K. La Marca
Bold Geologic Thinking And Replication Of New Seismic Processing Techniques Unlocks New Prospectivity, Onshore Brunei
A. Ibrahim, J. Scott, A. Klinton
Geological History of Pashkinsky Atoll. Exploration of Undiscovered Hydrocarbon Potential on the Mature Field
I. Vorontsov, V. Maslyanitsky
Re-design the Waterflood Model in Rantau Field-Indonesia using 3D Mechanical Earth Model: Integrated Study of Geomechanics Copling with Reservoir Simulation
G. S. Titaley, A. Utami, A. B. Prasetyo, A. W. Bachtiar, L. Sihotang, J. M. Pinem, M. Mulyawan, I. S. Ronoatmojo, A. Nurani
Integrated Mapping of the Forest Formation within the Western Penal Field
J. Rawlins, M. Félix*
An Integrated Subseismic Approach to Improve 3D Reservoir Model at Mature Fields: A Case Study in Furado Field, Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, Northeast of Brazil
J. A. Oliveira Santos, M. F. d. S. Félix*, C. Borba, A. J. V. Garcia
A Systematic Approach For Facies Identification Based On Rock Textures From Borehole Image Log And Core - Case Studies From Saudi Arabia
D. H. Shahzad, S. Stewart, C. Neil, W. Weihua
Characterization Of Rayoso Formation For Underground Natural Gas Storage In Cupen, Neuquen Basin
M. I. Suarez, R. P. Ferreyro Elizondo, G. V. Buchanan, A. E. Pose, M. V. David
Pyroclastic Deposits in a Non-Marine Hydrothermal Environment: Emplacement Mechanisms, Diagenesis and Implication for Hydrocarbon Generation and Accumulation
A. Di Capua, F. Barilaro
Deepwater Northern Argentina—A New Frontier
S. DeVito, N. Hodgson*
Deep Water Plays Offshore South-eastern Grand Banks Area, With A Particular Focus On The Carson Basin, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada
R. Masotti, D. A. Little, G. N. Hudson, R. E. Dale, E. Tibocha*, I. Deighton, A. Birch-Hawkins
Seismic Interpretation and 3D Structural Modeling of Coquinoid Horizons Analogues to Brazilian Pre-Salt, Aptian Section of Sergipe-Alagoas Basin
M. F. D. S. Félix, J. A. O. Santos, S. A. S. T. Figueiredo, A. J. V. Garcia
A Practical Approach Of Assessing The Development Potential Of The Calcutta South Area, Suriname
R. E. Kariodimedjo
Unlocking Reservoir Gas Potential: R&D Strategy for Geosteering in Coiled Tubing Drilling
A. F. Marsala, A. Al Yousef, S. M. Komies, A. Ghuraybi*
An Integrated Study on the Forest Formation with the Western Penal Oilfield
X. R. Moonan, A. Mohammed, A. Osman, I. Ali, S. Harrypersad
Pre-Tertiary Paleogeography of Aru Trough
Y. R. Sinulingga, A. Gunawan, S. Damayanti, B. Sapiie, A. Rudyawan