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Afternoon Presentations

Neuquén Basin Configuration at Vaca Muerta Time
R. F. Dominguez, H. Leanza, M. Fantin*, D. Marchal, E. O. Cristallini
Sequence Stratigraphy and 3-D Distribution of Organic-Rich Units in the Vaca Muerta Formation
R. F. Dominguez, O. Catuneanu, H. M. Reijenstein, R. Notta, H. W. Posamentier
Seismic Geomorphology and Depositional Elements of the Vaca Muerta Clinoform
H. M. Reijenstein, H. W. Posamentier, A. Bande, F. Lozano, F. Dominguez, O. Catuneanu
Structural Geology of the Vaca Muerta Formation Shale Play - Neuquén Basin
D. Marchal, R. E. Manceda, F. Dominguez, F. J. Sattler
Natural Fractures in The Vaca Muerta Formation: From Core and Outcrop Observations to Subsurface Models
E. Ukar, R. G. Lopez, D. E. Hryb, J. F. W. Gale, R. E. Manceda, A. Fall, I. E. Brisson, E. Hernandez Bilbao, R. J. Weger, D. Marchal, A. Zanella, P. R. Cobbold
Lithofacies Distribution Within the Vaca Muerta Formation in a Sequence Stratigraphic Context Based on Subsurface and Outcrops Data
F. González Tomassini, D. Kietzmann, T. Smith
Reservoir Properties of the Vaca Muerta Formation
A. C. Ortiz, L. Crousse, C. Bernhardt, M. D. Vallejo, L. Mosse
Organic Geochemical Patterns of Vaca Muerta Shale, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
I. E. Brisson, M. E. Fasola, H. J. Villar
Fortin De Piedra Block: First “Factory Mode” Development for Shale Gas in the Vaca Muerta Formation
P. Biscayart, M. Brolli, J. d'Hiriart*, D. García Acebal, A. Giachino, S. Olmos, N. Requena, R. Varela
Structural Styles and Associated Fields in the Andean Foothills
J. F. Iñigo, A. Disalvo, D. Apreda, M. Iribarne, R. Piethe
Backarc Basins and Rift Basins—Examples From the Mesozoic Northern South America and a Comparison With Similar Settings
A. Mora, I. C. Higuera, J. P. Arias-Martinez, V. Caballero, V. Valencia
Adding Hydrocarbon Reserves in the Uncertainty of a Structurally Complex Area — Llanos Foothills, Colombia
R. Linares
Bolivian Fold and Thrust Belt: Control of Thickness/Rheology Variations on Structural Style
G. Astorga, F. Alegria, S. J. Jolley, P. Griffiths, R. Moeys, P. Janssen
Tectonic Style and Structure Interactions in the Sub Andean Fold and Thrust Belt, Southern Bolivia
M. Bonora, T. R. Zapata, O. de Mena, W. G. Rodriguez, J. R. Limachi Mamani, D. Peña Sierra, J. R. Carballo Garcia, V. H. Goitia Antezana, G. Zamora Valcarce
Deep Exploration Play in Complex Thrust Belts: The Boyuy X2 Well, Southern Subandean Belt in Bolivia
T. R. Zapata, J. R. Carballo Garcia, M. Bonora, O. de Mena, D. Peña Sierra, J. R. Limachi Mamani, V. H. Goitia Antezana, G. Zamora Valcarce
A Structural Approach for the Southern Subandean, Bolivia
S. F. M. Garcia, F. R. Ferroni, J. C. Oller, G. Beccar, D. E. Mendoza Ticona
Local Long-Lived Basin-Margin Deformation and Multiple Petroleum System Occurrence in the Neuquen Basin, Argentina
P. Giampaoli, G. Potas, A. Quintana, R. L. Corbera, A. Galarza, I. Brisson
Constraints on Intraplate Mountain Building Stages in Central Patagonia Determined From the Analysis of 2-D and 3-D Seismic and Borehole Data: San Bernardo Fold and Thrust Belt
F. Pagan, G. Gianni, A. Echaurren, C. Navarrete, A. Folgueras, O. Catuneanu, A. Encinas
Inherent Biases in Sediment Routing to Deepwater: Concepts and Examples
M. Blum, M. Sweet
Depositional Patterns in the Lacustrine Cuyana Basin, Argentina
Y. Ruiz, O. Catuneanu
Cacheuta Formation: An Example of a Lacustrine Source Rock With Potential as Unconventional Shale Reservoir
S. P. Barredo, L. P. Stinco
Regional Scale Stratigraphic Trapping Controls for the M1 Sandstone, Oriente Basin, Ecuador
D. Good, J. Lin*, R. Orozco, Y. Sun, Q. Hu
Stratigraphic Architecture of Incised Valleys and Unincised Channel Systems in the Carbonera Formation (C6-C1 Members: Upper Oligocene - Lower Miocene), Llanos Basin, Colombia
H. R. Caycedo G. , O. Catuneanu
Reservoir Architecture of Climatic Driven Sedimentary Cycles Within a Fluvial Fan Sequence and its Implication for 3-D Modeling
P. Barros Arroyo, R. Lehu*, A. Arguello Scotti
Paleonviromental Intepretation of the Lajas Formation (Middle Jurassic, Neuquen Basin, Argentina) In Subsurface: Fluvio-Dominated-Delta
M. G. Arregui, A. O. Montagna, E. Rodriguez, N. Canale, J. J. Ponce, E. Santiago, R. Coppo, M. Buhler
Insights on Trinidad and Tobago Sediment Provenance Through Integration of Detrital Zircon Age Data and Plate Tectonic Modeling
J. D. Esquito, C. Heine
Defining New Exploration Play Potential in Offshore West Africa From Gabon to Angola, Using Mega-Regional 2-D Seismic Data
L. D. Fullarton, E. Pettinotti, S. Patruno, K. McDermott, P. Bellingham, B. W. Horn
Lusitanian Salt Tectonics Revisited: Discovery of a Major Oilfield
I. Davison, P. Barreto
Foz Do Amazonas and Pará-Maranhã Ready to Replicate Guyana Success
E. J. Newman, P. V. Zalan
The Offshore Caribbean, a New DHI-Driven Exploration Frontier
A. J. Velasquez, R. Zavala, E. Casaña, O. Moreno, M. Pulido, J. C. Llinas, H. Niño, J. Londono, P. Sen
Deep Water Aptian Turbidite System in Punta Del Este Basin, A New Play Offshore Uruguay
B. Conti, S. Ferro, J. Tomasini, P. Gristo
Deepwater Oil Exploration and Prospects for Multi-Billion Barrel Discoveries, Comoros Blocks 38, 39 & 40
C. R. Cohen, S. C. Marshall, G. Lovitz
Offshore Northern Argentina — A New Frontier
S. DeVito, E. J. Newman, K. Rodriguez, N. Hodgson*
Integrated Seismic Reservoir Characterization of Turbidite Systems: The Example of the Tano Basin (West Africa)
F. Cruciani, R. Vannuccini, A. Avanzini, M. Fervari, C. Barbieri
The Cretaceous Petroleum System of the Norwegian Sea — An Integrated Study
A. A. O. Wenke, S. A. Clark, M. Doerner, A. G. Dore, P. Embry, B. Eriksen, J. O. Hansen, T. Hersum, R. Kyrkjebø, E. R. Lundin, H. C. H. Lysgaard, U. Mann, B. Rafaelsen, Z. A. Tasarova, E. Stavrou
Use of Machine Learning Techniques for Effective Petroleum System Risk Assessment and Fast Model Update
M. Ducros
Petroleum System Evolution in a Fold-Thrust Belt Triangular Zone: A Case-Study From the Eastern Swiss Alps
S. Omodeo Salé, C. Teodoro, O. Eruteya, A. Moscariello
Thickness Matters: Influence of Dolerite Sills on the Thermal Maturity of Surrounding Rocks in a Coal Bed Methane Play in Botswana
M. E. Bulguroglu, A. V. Milkov*
3-D Petroleum System Modeling in Contractional and Salt Tectonic Dominated Areas, Deep-Water Southern Gulf of Mexico
S. Villarroel, E. Galvan, L. Mulisheva, J. Hernandez, R. A. Ysaccis, F. Snyder, M. Mikhaltsev, K. Lyons, M. El-Toukhy, S. Centanni, C. Rodriguez
Dealing With Poor Quality Data and Uncertainly in Petroleum System Modeling: An Example From the Fold and Thrust Belt of Bolivian Sub-Andean Ranges
I. Cambon, M. Pereira, J. M. Reynaldi, R. Guerrero
Applying Reservoir Modeling Workflow to Test the Impact of Detailed Lithological Models on Petroleum Systems Risk Assessment: A Case Study in the Potiguar Basin, Brazilian Equatorial Margin
J. G. F. Silva, G. Garcia, L. Menezes, L. Caldas, D. Albuquerque
New Generation of Uncertainty Analysis in Basin Modeling
P. Hacquard, M. Ducros, R. Traby, V. Gervais-Couplet, N. Maurand*
Thermal Modeling of the Ischigualasto Basin (Triassic of La Rioja, Argentina): Burial, Structuring and Magmatism Controlling the Timing of Petroleum Generation
M. Ezpeleta, G. Collo, F. Sanchez Nassif*, C. Wunderlin, M. Parra