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morning presentations

Morning Presentations

Integrated Study of Physico-Chemical and Geochemical Parameters of Petroleums From the Cexis Oilfield in the Recôncavo Basin, Brazil
C. Caetano, H. Penteado, R. Rodrigues, H. A. F. Chaves
An Integrated Methodology for Source Rock Characterization at Different Thermal Maturity Levels to Better Estimate In-Situ Liquid Hydrocarbons
M-F. Romero-Sarmiento, S. Rohais
New Advances in Organic Geochemistry of the Pimenteiras Formation and Its Contribution to the Non-Conventional Petroleum System of the Paleozoic Parnaíba Basin
L. P. Martins, M. Brito, H. A. Portela, R. Rodrigues, S. Bergamaschi
Characterization of the Cenomanian-Turonian Source Rock of the Espírito Santo Basin: Integrating Geochemical and Log Data
M. A. Reis, A. F. M. Freire, H. Penteado, R. Santos, L. M. D. Araujo
Multi Geochemical Parameters Identification of Dolomite Genesis and Key Factors of Reservoir in Lower Ordovician of Gucheng Area, Tarim Basin, Northwest China
Z. You, S. Anjiang, Z. Xingping, B. Xiaojia, W. Xiandong, S. Guanming, Z. Mao
Organic Geochemical Characterization Applied to Depositional Environment Interpretation of Yacoraite Formation, Northwest Argentina
R. Ondrak, R. Ruiz-Monroy, B. Horsfield, S. Manfred, R. Eduardo
Surface Geochemical Exploration In Benue Trough Nigeria
O. G. Nwaobi, A. Suleiman
In-Situ U-Pb Dating By La-mc-icpms: A Useful Tool for the Study of Diagenesis-Porosity Evolution History in Ancient Marine Carbonate Reservoirs
A. Shen, A. Hu, T. Cheng, F. Liang, J. Zhao, Y. Feng
Geochemical Features and Genetic Mechanisms of Deep-Water Source Rocks in the Senegal Basin in West Africa
y. wu
Exploration Project Evaluation In Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquen Basin, Argentina
J. F. Iñigo, A. Disalvo, F. Herrero, M. Alarcon, D. Solis
Biogeochemical Dynamics of an Unconventional Mesoproterozoic Petroleum System
G. M. Cox, J. Farkas, M. L. Blades, A. S. Collins*, A. V. Shannon, D. Subarkah, U. Kirscher, D. I. Close, E. Baruch-Jurado, J. Warburton
Petroleum Resource Classification System, Link to Opportunity Realization and Hydrocarbon Maturation Plans for Resource Booking in Unconventional Plays
Y. E. Gonzalez, E. Kruijs, H. Mandler, P. Zannitto, D. Worms
Paleogeography and Geochemical Indicators to Assess Unconventional Shale Potential in Los Molles Formation Neuquen Basin Argentina
S. Utgé, L. Loss, R. F. Dominguez, J. Bouhier, M. Fasola, I. Lanusse Noguera, R. Guerello
Challenges in Accelerated Delineation and Development of One of the Structurally Most Complex Fields of North Kuwait- A Case Study
V. K. Kidambi, N. S. Rao, C. Pattnaik, N. Al-Ajmi, M. Al-Dousiri, A. M. Al-Anzi
Lessons Learnt From Appraisal and Early Development of Unconventional Reservoirs in a Deep and Complex Setting:A Kuwait Case Study
R. Narhari, V. K. Kidambi, C. Pattnaik, N. Al-Ajmi, M. Al-Dousiri, A. M. Al-Anzi
Integrated Characterization Of Lower Quintuco Formation Drilling Hazard For Vaca Muerta Wells In Fortin De Piedra Area, NeuquéN Basin, Argentina
L. B. Smith, J. M. d’Hiriart, D. García Acebal, F. M. Bardelli, R. A. Varela, M. J. Suppicich
Assessment of Shale Gas Potential of Lower Permian Marine-Continental Transitional Shales in the Southern North China Basin (SNCB)
P. Li, J. Zhang, X. Tang, Z. Huo, Z. Li
Expanding the Limits of the Vaca Muerta Play in Areas of High Exploratory Risk
C. V. Ponce, L. Alvarez, J. M. Martinez Lampe
Improving Recovery Factor In A Tight Gas Reservoir
F. G. Bianchi, M. V. Hammar, F. A. Nissero*
Is It Trap? Is It Seal? A Move Towards Consistent Risking Of Stratigraphic Traps
M. A. Sykes, J. S. Davis, C. J. Vandewater, S. J. Plitzuweit, S. L. Jackson
Key Controlling Factors For Biogenic-gas Accumulation In Deep Water Of Rakhine Basin Offshore Myanmar
X. Wang, D. Shao, Y. LIU, C. YAN, G. ZUO, C. MAO, X. XU, L. Ding
Use Of Horizontal Wells In The Development Of The Chachauen Sur Field, Neuquen Basin, Argentina
J. Fabiano, L. Martínez Gasso*, A. Infante
A New Methodology to Estimate Reservoir Pressure and Mobility by Using Intelligent Wireline Formation Testers with Optimized Test Sequences Improved Success in Identifying Reservoir Properties
M. Galarza, A. Pablo
UAV Application to Mud Volcano Monitoring: A Devil’s Woodyard Case Study
X. R. Moonan, V. Rambaran, I. Ali
A Case of Numerical Simulation to Analyze a New Technology Applied to Fractured Horizontal Wells Near Gas-Water Contact. Loma La Lata Field, Neuquén basin, Argentina
M. Gamboa
An Approach To Inter Branch Distance Optimization In Heavy Oil Multi-branch Horizontal Wells
D. Moglia, E. M. Pieroni, P. E. Lacentre, E. A. Peralta, A. R. Buchini

afternoon presentations

Afternoon Presentations

Influence of Basement Fault Geometry and Orientation in Extensional Architecture: A Study Case at Manantiales Behr Oilfield at North Flank, Golfo San Jorge Basin
G. A. Guerra, P. Giampaoli, R. G. Lopez, J. Allard, G. F. Marinho
Evolution and Crustal Architecture of Pelotas Basin, Uruguay and Brazil
S. Gamez Galicia, D. A. Paton, E. Mortimer
Structural Architecture Of The Georgian Part Of Lesser Caucasus Using Seismic Reflection Profiles
V. Alania, A. Chabukiani, O. Enukidze
Plate Interactions, Escape, and Surface Strain in Northwestern South America
S. A. Lopez, E. A. Rossello, H. Mora
Karst Concentration in Fracture Corridors Along Anticline Hinge Zone — Implications for Fractured and Karstified Carbonate Reservoirs
F. L. Bagni, F. H. Bezerra, F. Balsamo, R. P. Maia, J. Araújo
Structural Controls on the Evolution of Los Monos Anticline (Subandean Zone, Bolivia): Evidences From Surface, Sub-Surface Data and Kinematic Modeling
S. Burga, O. Vidal Royo, O. Ferrer
Constraints on Intraplate Mountain Building Stages in Central Patagonia Determined From the Analysis of 2-D and 3-D Seismic and Borehole Data: San Bernardo Fold and Thrust Belt
F. Pagan, G. Gianni, A. Echaurren, C. Navarrete, A. Folgueras, O. Catuneanu, A. Encinas
Re-Exploratory Study Within an Area of the Tahe Oilfield, Western China: From Geological Characterization of Fractured Karst Carbonates to Prediction of the Most Prolific Sweet-Spots
J. N. Mendez, Q. Jin, M. González, X. Zhang
Orthogonal Experimental Design for Sensitivity Analysis in Stratigraphic Forward Modeling
Y. Zhang, w. xu, L. Fang, Z. Jing, J. Liu, J. Zou
Digital Outcrop Model of the Ciénaga De Oro Formation (Arenal-Section), Colombia: High-Resolution Sedimentology and Ichnology: Implications for The Modeling of Petroleum Reservoir
G. A. Mendoza Rodríguez, F. M. Niño Rodríguez*, P. D. Gómez, G. M. Rincón
Depositional Evolution of Glacial Deposits Using 3D Stratigraphic Modeling
M. Cardoso Jr, A. S. Silveira, P. S. G. Paim, F. A. Trentin
Boundary Conditions Analysis of na Ancient Barrier System from 3D Stratigraphic Forward Modeling
F. A. Trentin, A. S. Silveira, E. L. C. Lavina, V. Engelke, S. R. X. Lopes, A. A. D. O. Lopes, J. E. Faccion
Deep Learning Applied to Accelerate Core Description: Examples From Unconventional and Conventional Plays
O. Falivene, N. Auchter, N. J. Purcell, L. Kleipool, J. Pickering, M. Claps, J. G. Solum, D. L. Kirschner, A. Cilona, R. Pires de Lima, F. Menapace, I. S. Espejo
Anomalously High Permeability Clastic Reservoirs: New Insight Into the Understanding of the Austral Basin (Argentina) Reservoirs Quality
A. Ong, A. Mazeraud*, J. M. Kluska
Svalbard's Konusdalen Outcrop Faulting Characterization in Virtual Reality Environment
R. K. Horota, P. Rossa, A. Marques Jr, E. M. de Souza, M. R. Veronez, L. Gonzaga Jr, C. L. Cazarin
Criteria for Recognition of Shelf-Slope Clinoforms Using Outcrop Data; Jurassic Lajas and Los Molles Formations, Southern Neuquen Basin, Argentina
C. Olariu, R. J. Steel, N. K. Vann, E. P. Tudor, M. Shin, R. R. Winter, Y. Gan, E. Jung, F. Almeida, G. Giacomone*, D. Minisini, W. Brinkworth, M. L. Loss, J. Inigo, R. Gutierrez
Exploration Of Deep Water Plays Offshore Ireland With Insight From Analogues Along The Atlantic Margin
K. Hernon, C. Morgan
Extraordinary Remaining Potential In The Pre-salt Of Santos Basin
E. J. Newman, P. V. Zalan
Multi-scale Approach For The Characterization Of Heterogeneous Lacustrine Pre-salt Reservoirs: Case Study Of The Yacoraite Fm., Maastrichtian-Danian, Nw Argentina
S. Rohais, M. Adelinet, E. Bemer, J-C. Lecomte, M. Gasparrini, M. F. Schiuma, I. E. Brisson, R. J. CALEGARI, M. L. Rodriguez Schelotto
Log features for the characterization of igneous rocks in the Pre-Salt area of Santos Basin, SE Brazil
F. V. C. S. R. S. Oliveira, R. T. M. Gomes, K. M. S. Silva
Mass balance of sediments in the NW corner of South America
Cretaceous Contourites in the Offshore of Argentina: Seismic Stratigraphic Caracterization and Exploration Impact
G. Flores, S. Arismendi, R. Gerster, J. P. Lovecchio, P. R. Kress, N. D. Bolatti
3D Seismic Interpretation and Internal Structural Architecture of the Maricá Mass-transport Complex, Northern Santos Basin, Brazil
B. H. D. M. Merss, B. Trzaskos
Reconstruction Of The Thermal History Of The Western Swiss Foreland Basin: A Multidisciplinary Approach To Prevent Risk In Geothermal Exploration
S. Omodeo-Salé, V. Diego, D. H. Antoine, O. Eruteya, L. Guglielmetti, A. Thierry, C. Teodoro, A. Moscariello
Rebuilding Trust Between Communities And Oil&Gas Industry: Case Of Relationship Of Acggp With Communities In Colombia
C. Ortega Galvis, F. G. Rodriguez-Portillo, M. Giraldo
What Is The Business Environment For Global Exploration In 2025 - And What We Need To Do Now To Succeed
R. Ameerali
Model of the Use and Production of Water in the Gulf of San Jorge Basin.
R. J. J. Neder, V. R. Aguirre