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morning presentations

Morning Presentations

Shale Porosity and Organic Content From Delaware Wells Authors
J. Walls, G. Davalos, B. Driskill, M. Durand, M. Ganz*
Petrophysical Techniques for Unconventional Analysis, Targeting the Wolfcamp Formation in the Permian Basin
R. E. Moreland
Semi-Quantitative Sem Analysis of Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
L. B. Smith, F. Gonzalez Tomassini, M. J. Rodriguez, C. Bernhardt
Particularity of Fractal Dimension of Porous Shale and Its Significance for Shale Reservoir Research
X. Wei, J. Zhang, W. Dang, X. Tang
Investigation of Clay Content as Being a Cause for Suppression of Pyrolysis Tmax Maturity Data in the Wolfcamp B
N. Svihlik, A. Maende, M. Riley
Geochemical Characterization of In-situ Combustion Process on a Heavy Oil Reservoir From Liaohe Basin, Northeast China
Y. Liu, H. Huang, H. Cheng, W. Cheng
Isotope Stratigraphy and Geochemistry Data From the Upper Jurassic — Lower Cretaceous Vaca Muerta-Quintuco Mixed Depositional System (Neuquén Basin)
G. Godino, E. Morettini*
Sequence Stratigraphy of the Magallanes-Austral Basin
F. Raggio, V. Abreu, M. Ghiglione
Devonian Quantitative Mineralogy and Kerogen Analysis in High Temperature High Pressure Well in Bolivia: Rig Site Innovation and Lessons Learned
J. M. Gonzalez Munoz, T. R. Zapata, C. Sensano, K. Perez, T. H. Marky, G. Villacorta, J. C. Calvo
Mixed Alluvial-Eolian Signatures in Overbank Deposits of a Miocene Fluvial-Fan System (Central Argentinian Foreland)
D. Ventra, A. Moscariello*, G. Veiga
Paleo-Environmental Models, Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis, and Remaining Prospectivity of the Intra-Malmic to Inter-Senonian Interval (Neuquén Basin, Argentina)
J. F. Iñigo, R. Vargas, M. E. E. Novara, M. Pereira, I. Cambon, P. Pazos, E. Schwarz
Environmental, Facies, and Diagenetic Variation in Deltaic Tight Sand; Formation. Lajas, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
E. Rodriguez, M. Mariana, M. Arregui, A. O. Montagna
Large-Scale Depositional and Palaeogeographic Reconstruction of the Pilmatué Member (Neuquén Basin): Understanding From the Source to the Sink
E. Schwarz, G. D. Veiga, C. Echevarria, L. A. Spalletti
Stratigraphic Analysis, Characteristic, and Distribution of the Tight Reservoirs in the Lajas and Punta Rosada Formations in the Southeastern Sector of Neuquen Basin, Patagonia, Argentina
S. A. Grosso, V. M. Marteau, N. Chirinos, F. G. Bianchi, F. A. Nissero
Paleogeographic Reconstruction and Characteristic Trends of a Basin Floor Fan in Los Molles Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
G. Giacomone, R. J. Steel, C. Olariu, M. Shin
Reservoir Development at the Margins of Continental Sedimentary Basins: The Role of Alluvial and Fluvial Fans for Geo-Energy Exploration and Development
A. Moscariello
Evaluation of Deep Play Potential Offshore Ghana Using New Long-Offset Seismic Reflection Data
N. Hurst, K. McDermott, P. Bellingham, B. Horn
Salt Mechanics and Timing of Pre-Salt Faulting Highlighted by Seismic Imaging; Santos Basin, Brazil
H. D. Lebit, J. Tilton, S. Arasanipalai, P. Ollagnon, B. Virlouvet
Pre-Salt Super Play Leading Brazil Into the World’s Top 5 Oil Suppliers
E. Petersohn, V. Sartori
Cretaceous Hybrid Turbidite Contourite Systems Unveiled Offshore Northern Argentina
K. Rodriguez, N. Hodgson, E. Newman
Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of the Southwestern South Atlantic During the Cretaceous
P. R. Kress, R. L. Gerster, N. D. Bolatti, G. Flores, S. Arismendi, J. P. Lovecchio
Huge Mass Transport Complexes in the Argentina Basin, Offshore South America: Morphology and Seismic Facies
S. Arismendi, G. Flores, P. Kress, R. Gerster, N. Bolatti
Synrift and Sag Plays in The Southern South Atlantic: Key Elements and Uncertainties
O. R. Lopez-Gamundi, H. de Santa Ana, B. Conti, E. Morales
Regional Multi 3-D Volume Sculpting Attributes That Tell the Geological Story of Deep Water Mexico
Z. Ahmadi, V. Brito, C. Luysterburg, E. Manning
Comparing Carbon Intensity Of Unconventional And Latin American Oil Plays
D. MEEHAN, N. Jenvey
Energy, Resource Efficiency and Sustainability: a road map for the oil and gas industry
E. Morettini, J. P. Freijo, D. F. Maqui, J. Mahdjoubian Diaz Cano
The Potential of Medicago sativa for Microbial-Enhanced Phytoremediation of Diesel Fuel Contaminated Sites
M. O. Eze, S. C. George, G. Hose
Geohazards Identification and Operational Assurance - Molusco-1 Well Offshore Colombia (Guajira Basin)
F. E. Malagon Rojas, H. Niño, C. Rubio*
Impact of remote hydrocarbon saturation assessment in a frontier basin
J. Rasmussen, E. Nerland, P. T. Gabrielsen, O. J. Birkeland*
A Revised Interpretation of Argentina's Offshore Austral and Malvinas Basins and Petroleum Play Analysis
K. R. Reuber, B. W. Horn, D. Allinson
Unlocking New Hydrocarbons Opportunities in the Lower Cretaceous Section of the Guiana Basin
C. P. Griffith
Biostratigraphy and Paleoenvironmental Evolution of the Colorado Basin, South Atlantic Ocean
J. P. Perez Panera, D. I. Ronchi, G. N. Angelozzi, J. P. Lovecchio, L. Calvo Marcilese, L. Hiriart, L. Tortora, N. Calaramo, D. Cuciniello, G. Ottone
Methodology Used In The Exploration Of A Frontier Area Located In The Northeast Of The Rio Negro Province, Argentina
M. Rodriguez Raising, M. Mendez, J. M. Martinez Lampe
Assessing the Hydrocarbon Exploration Potential of the Jurassic Cuyo Goup, Southwest Neuquén Basin; Through Outcrop Analog Studies
J. F. Iñigo, R. Gutierrez, R. J. Steel, C. Olariu
Pre Salt Plays in West Iberia
R. P. Reis, N. Pimentel, R. Fainstein
Opening New Plays in the Austral Basin: Frontier Scale, De-Risked Exploration
J. Bessa, P. Malmborg, B. Dewhirst
Reservoir Characterization of Chachil Formation, Neuquen Basin, Data Integration From Rocks to Models
D. E. Velo, H. De Simone

afternoon presentations

Afternoon Presentations

Time Lapse Seismic Integrated With Surface Microseismic for Srv Characterization in The Vaca Muerta Formation (Neuquen, Argentina)
G. Chao, J. L. Fachal, F. Achilli, D. Rojas Arce, M. Sainz-Trapaga, A. Lafram
Diffraction Imaging for Geological Discontinuities Detection: Case of Study Fortin de Piedra Block, Neuquen Basin, Argentina
N. Requena, A. Horn, A. Juranovic*, I. Sturzu
Integrating New Technologies in Studying Complex Carbonate Rocks at Unconformity Surface-Dammam Formation-Kuwait
F. H. Abdullah, M. Dernaika, O. AlJalad, A. Amer, L. Akber, M. Alkandari
Porosity Determination, Pore Size Distribution and Mineralogy Phase Analysis in Vaca Muerta Formation: Samples by SEM Techniques
I. Jausoroa, F. Medina, M. Floridia Addato*, B. Epele, M. Cipollone, N. Santillán, A. Caneiro, M. J. Rodríguez, F. González Tomassini
Embedding Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, and GIS Methodologies in Reservoir Characterization. Case Study -Permian Basin
C. Rodriguez, T. Funke, V. Idimadakala
Enhancing Sedimentological Characterization by Integrating Quantitative Data From Core Slab Digital Image; An Example From Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina
D. E. Hryb, F. Gonzalez Tomassini
Reservoir Insights Enabled by Machine Learning Technology
B. de Ribet, G. Gonzalez
Automated Directional Drilling to Improve Hydrocarbon Production
B. Chmela, R. Johns
Amalgamation of Diverse Data Types and Sources to Facilitate Data Analytics of Engineering Interpretation and Historical Data
C. Velasquez, I. Olea, R. Roundtree
Transforming the Transform: Insights Into the Development of the Equatorial Atlantic Transform Margin From Long-Offset Reflection Seismic Data in Ghana and Brazil
K. McDermott, N. Hurst, P. Bellingham, B. Horn
Varying Rifting and Structural Styles on the Southernmost Atlantic Margins
P. J. Webb, J. Malan, A. Quallington
Crustal Architecture and Tectonic Evolution of Southern South Atlantic Conjugate Margins
H. M. Bjørnseth, C. Stadtler, M. E. Tischler, S. Hinsken
A World Apart Crossing Fracture Zones Offshore Gabon: A Magmatic Budget Story
K. McDermott, E. Pettinotti, L. Fullarton, S. Patruno, P. Bellingham, B. W. Horn
Rifting Evolution of the Malvinas Basin, Offshore Argentina: New Constrains From Zircon U-Pb Geochronology, Seismic Characterization and a Regional Perspective
J. P. Lovecchio, M. Naipauer, L. E. Cayo, S. Rohais, D. L. Giunta, G. Flores, R. Gerster, N. D. Bolatti, P. Joseph, V. A. Ramos
The Structural Framework of the Western Falkland Plateau Basin
R. M. Stanca, D. A. Paton, D. M. Hodgson, D. J. McCarthy, E. J. Mortimer
Mesozoic Breakup of Southwest Gondwana and Basin Formation Along the Argentinean Atlantic Margin
J. P. Lovecchio, S. Rohais, V. A. Ramos, P. Joseph, N. D. Bolatti
Volcanic History of the Southern South Atlantic and Some Remarks on Seaward Dipping Reflector Formation
I. Davison
Pletmos Basin Evolution Through the Jurassic, Cretaceous and Cenozoic
J. Salomo, C. Van Bloemenstein*, L. Esterhuizen, R. Tshikovhi, T. Buthelezi, A. Davids, S. Davids
Sedimentological Characterization of Submarine Canyons and Channel Complexes in Los Molles Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
M. Pereira
Mesogenetic Dissolution Could Significantly Improve Carbonate Reservoir Quality: Evidence From Experimental Simulation
X. He, A. Shen
Reefs and Rivers: Sequence Stratigraphy of Reciprocal Carbonate/Siliciclastic Successions
E. Kosa, B. P. Lutz
Pre-Stack Multi-Attribute and Palaeogeomorphology Fusion Analysis Method of Carbonate Reservoir Prediction in Santos Basin
G. Zuo
Diagenetic Silicification of the Presalt Reservoirs, Kwanza Basin, Offshore Angola: Insight From Silicon Isotopes
J-P. Girard
Lower Cambrian Pre-Salt Microbialite-Mound: Lithofacies, Architecture, and Related Reservoir
Z. QIAO, S. Zhang, A. Shen, J. Zheng
Petrophysical Heterogeneity and Reservoir Quality Analysis of Carbonate Facies (Coquinas) From a Brazilian Pre-Salt Analogue at Sergipe-Alagoas Basin
M. F. D. S. Félix, P. H. C. E. Pires, A. R. S. Oliveira, S. A. S. T. Figueiredo, A. J. V. Garcia, J. A. O. Santos
Vuggy Porosity Characterization in Carbonate Reservoirs Using Borehole Images and Core Data
B. Gong, N. F. Hurley, E. Toumelin
Technical Progression in Tackling the Papua New Guinea Foldbelt: A Fit for Purpose Toolkit, A Learning Curve and the Persistence That Led to Success in One of the Most Challenging Surface and Geological Settings
P. A. Restrepo-Pace, M. Szczepaniak, K. Bradey, S. Chandra
Orthorhombic PSDM for a Valuable Focused Image of the Vaca Muerta Formation Using a Conventional Land Seismic Acquisition
S. Sosa, M. Volonte
Seismic Pre-Stack Igneous Reservoir Characterization: Guanaco Field Study Case, Neuquina Basin, Argentina
H. De Simone, M. E. Sigismondi, M. F. Barrionuevo
Regional-Scale 3-D Thermal Models of the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Y. P. Maystrenko
Advanced Structural Interpretation: Multidimensional Analysis and Interpretation for the Delineation of Complex Geologic Structures
L. A. Vernengo, E. Trinchero, I. Rovira
Integrated 3-D Seismic Volume Workflow for Analysis of the Vaca Muerta Formation in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina
M. Friday, E. L. Haire, J. Gross, B. W. Horn
Application of Calibrated Rock Physics Models For Time-lapse Seismic Reservoir Monitoring (Case Study: AJ Field, Offshore Niger Delta Basin)
O. R. John, A. A. Adeniji, A. Osinaike
Use of Machine Learning to Estimate Sonic Data for Seismic Wellties
T. Ketmalee, R. Lemaire
Recent Advancements In Mechanical Earth Modeling At Farnsworth Unit Texas
R. S. Balch, R. Will, M. McMillan
High Resolution Reservoir Characterization and Modeling for Surfactant and Polymer Injection in an Eolian System (Avilé Member, Puesto Hernandez, Neuquén Basin)
A. Arguello Scotti, L. Martino, D. d. V. Georgiades, M. M. Thomann, P. Barros Arroyo, G. Veiga
Extra-Deep Azimuthal Resistivity Reduce Geological Uncertainty and Enhance Reservoir Navigation in Highly Complex Carbonate Reservoir in Polvo Field, Offshore Brazil.
R. Cremonini, A. Vianna, J. Gripp, J. Xavier, L. Escarcena*, A. Monlevade, L. Nakajima, N. Amorim, T. Santos, S. Hall, P. Blaskovski
Assessment Of Production Potential In Tight Carbonate Reservoir Tuba Reservoir Sabiriyah Field North Kuwait Kuwait
S. Essia, M. M. Mohammed*
Incremental Recovery Factor of at Least 9% Can be Achieved Designing Optimum Inter-Well Distance Patterns on a 3-D Model for Polymer Flooding in Multilayer Fluvial Reservoirs
F. T. Schein, J. E. Juri, M. Pacchy, A. M. Ruiz Martinez, M. Thill, P. Guillen, V. Serrano
Oil Potential in Downdip Structural Belt on Block 17, Oriente Basin, Ecuador
D. Good, R. Orozco*, J. Lin, Y. Sun, Q. Hu
Mineralogical Model: The Basis for the Estimation of Accurate Cased Hole Petrophysical Properties in a Complex Environment: Case of Bajo Barreal Formation, Golfo San Jorge Basin, Argentina
R. Zambrano, A. D'odorico, P. Saldungaray*, G. Pedersen, A. Arguello Scotti, D. Astesiano
Refracturing as an Effective Mature Play Re-Development Strategy
A. Sharma
Advance Facies Rock Typing Approach for 3D Geocellular Static Modeling for Polymer Flooding in the Tambaredjo Oil Field, Suriname
J. Jowintinie, r. Rakesh