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morning presentations

Morning Presentations

Applying Machine Learning Methods To Study Compartmentalization In Complex Reservoirs Based On Static Pressure Information
J. V. Contreras Sandia
Assessment Of Igneous Intrusive Bodies As Naturally Fractured Reservoirs. Los Volcanes Field. Neuquen Basin. Argentina.
R. Barberis, I. Scalerandi, B. Villoslada
Origin And Exploitation Of Residual Oil Zones (ROZ) In The Permian Basin Of Texas
I. J. Duncan, B. Ren, F. Male, V. Baques
Geologic Characterization And Monitoring Utilizing Multiple Data Sets For The Carbon, Capture, Storage, And Utilization Project At Farnsworth Unit, Tx.
P. Czoski, R. Balch, G. El-Kaseeh
Combining Reservoir Physics And Machine Learning For Efficient Modeling And Optimization Of Large Scale Mature Waterfloods
S. P. Figliuolo, L. Gonzalez Day, L. Di Benedetto, P. Pastor*, F. Gutierrez, C. Calad, P. Sarma
Quifa Southwest Field, Llanos Basin, Colombia. Case History of a Giant Mature Heavy Oil Field
R. Herbert, M. A. Asuaje Tovar, L. O. Castillo Chacín, W. Parra Moreno
Systemic Approach to Develop Mature Fields
M. Grinberg, H. Chin A Lien, M. Vicente, J. Arizola Puelles, J. Vallejos, L. Soto, J. Almeida, M. Moyano*
Pilot block Vacas Muertas South. New injection design at the layer level.
M. Vargas, R. Robles
Tectonic Control On The Deposition Of Organic-rich Basinal Facies Of Vaca Muerta Formation.
A. Bande, R. D. Veiga, H. Acevedo, A. Mosquera
Drilling Best-In-Class Wells in the VacaMuerta: Leveraging Shell’s North-American Experience To Accelerate Learning Curves
H. Aguirre, W. Miedema, C. E. Guerrero, K. W. Jackson, H. Mandler
Sinergy To Enhance Stratigraphic Position And Drilling Performance In Vaca Muerta Formation
M. Castello
Integrated Geology of Unconventionals: The Case of the Vaca Muerta Play, Argentina
D. Minisini, m. fantin, I. Lanusse Noguera, H. A. Leanza
Landing Zones in Vaca Muerta Characterized by Produced Fluids Ratio
P. Johanis, J. Vielma Guillen, S. M. Casala
Structural Controls in the Sub-Andean Zone of Peru
G. Zamora, M. Louterbach, P. R. Arriola
Devonian Petroleum System Update of the Southern Sub Andean Fold and Thrust Belt
D. Peña Sierra, T. R. Zapata, M. Bonora, O. de Mena, J. R. Limachi Mamani, J. Carballo, V. H. Goitia Antezana
Confidence Based Exploration in Bolivian Thrustbelt Through Integration of G&G Workflow
A. Arias, P. Janssen
Devonian Palynological Framework for the Southern Subandean Fold and Thrust Belt, Bolivia, South America
F. Alegria, P. Osterloff, J. Marshall
Play Mapping for Petroleum Systems Analysis: Examples From Conventional and Unconventional Plays of the Neuquén Basin, Argentina
J. Wendebourg, P. A. Castellarini, H. Freije, M. Borgnia, M. C. Borbolla, E. Garinet*
Hydrocarbon Migration and Charge Models for the Eastern Cuyana Basin Fields, Argentina
Y. Basile, Y. Ruiz*
Outcrop Analogue of an Igneous Petroleum System in a Fold and Thrust Belt Setting: The Cara Cura Range in the Northern Neuquén Basin, Argentina
J. O. Palma, J. B. Spacapan, O. Galland, O. Rabbel, R. Ruiz, H. A. Leanza
Hydrocarbon Potential of the Bolivian Santa Cruz-Tarija Foreland Basin
F. J. Schneider, J. Esquivel, S. Rousse, J-L. Faure, R. D. Mayta Jimenez
The Late Cretaceous Neuquén Group Basin Between 35° and 37°South—Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
P. Borghi, R. Gómez Omil, L. Fennell, M. Naipauer, A. Folguera

afternoon presentations

Afternoon Presentations

Geochemical Assessment of Basins Along the Western South Atlantic Margin
C. F. Schiefelbein, J. E. Zumberge, W. G. Dickson, C. M. Urien, M. Hiner
Chasing the Source Rock in the Malvinas Basin, Argentina
K. Davies, P. Hoiles, S. Amiribesheli, J. McGlew, J. Thorp
Seismic Interpretation in Basin-Centered Gas Reservoirs
R. A. Santos, R. T. Garcia, K. G. Padua, J. G. Carvalho
Determining Unconventional Shale Gas Maturity: A Carbonate Vein Tale
F. H. Lu
Noble Gas Geochemistry: A New Method For Hydrocarbon Exploration
Z. Wan, K. R. Arouri, L. Ellis, A. Shaikh
Unconventional Upper Jurassic Resource System, Tampico Misantla Basin, Eastcentral Mexico
D. M. Jarvie, A. E. Guzman
Palermo Aike Shale Potential, Austral Basin Onshore Argentina
M. F. Cevallos, D. M. Jait, H. J. Villar, D. Villalba, F. Más Cattapan
Assessment of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources of the Cuyo Basin Province, Argentina
C. J. Schenk, K. Marra*
Fairway Analysis of the Jurassic Tight Gas Play in The Northern Neuquen Basin, Argentina
J. Fantin, M. Asensio, L. C. Gonzalez
Emergence of Facies Architecture During the Evolution of Shallow Marine Systems
B. J. Willis, T. Sun, B. B. Ainsworth
Integrated Computational Stratigraphy Reservoir Characterization and Seismic Validation
M. Amaru, T. Sun, F. Laugier, B. Willis, M. Sullivan, L. Goggin, B. Power
Impact of the Data Capture in Malal Del Medio Oeste Field Characterization; Neuquen Basin, Argentina
M. F. Valverde, M. A. López Ordines, M. M. Barría*
Sequence Stratigraphic Surfaces and Their Relationship With Oil Reservoirs: The Latest Cretaceous — Paleogene Succession of the Llanos Foreland Basin, Colombia
C. T. S. Juan, O. Catuneanu, A. Mora, V. M. Caballero, M. J. Reyes Correa
Enhanced Geological Modeling Techniques in Mesa Verde Oilfield, Cuyana Basin-Argentina
G. A. Gomez, V. E. Ferreyra*, D. Tetzlaff, A. Saccomano, S. Courtade
High Resolution Imaging Using Narrow Azimuth Streamer Data From the Campeche Basin; Velocity Model Building With Tomography and FWI
M. J. Albertson, D. K. Kosmitis, C. Calderon, I. Berranger
The Application of 3-D VSP and Surface Seismic Joint Exploration Technology in Kalyca Block, Indonesia
G. S. Titaley, F. F. Azmalni*, R. Dharma, S. Andaryani, T. B. Kurniawan, W. Hermawan, W. Shize, Y. Chen, Z. Cai, M. N. Samsoe
Application of Deep Learning Along Directional Image Gathers for High Definition Classification of Subsurface Features
R. Levy, L. Itan, R. Dafni, Z. Koren
Comparative Analysis of Three Denoising Methods for Microseismic Data: Radon Transform Denoising, Reduce-Rank Filtering, and Empirical Mode Decomposition
G. I. Brunini, J. I. Sabbione, J. L. Gómez, D. R. Velis
How Well We Predict The Outcomes Of Exploration Drilling?
A. V. Milkov
Quality Prediction of Cretaceous Turbidite Reservoirs from Water-rock Interaction Simulations - Espírito Santo Basin, Eastern Brazil
J. Strim, D. M. Oliveira, A. J. Park, L. F. De Ros
An Approach To Quantify Uncertainties On Gross-rock Volume Based On The Velocity Models and Seismic Resolution Constraints
C. Pereira, V. R. Pinto*, M. Paes, A. Maul, T. B. Meneguim, M. González, G. González, R. S. Meyer, S. L. Furland
Reservoir Characterization And Modeling Strategies From Exploration Through Development And Production Life-Cycle
N. T. Akpulat
Improving The Reliability Of Reservoir Models Using Diverse Software Workflows
P. E. Neri