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AAPG ICE International Pavilion

Come Explore … A World of Opportunity!

The mission of the AAPG International Pavilion (IP) is to help provide a world-class showcase for NOCs, Governments, and Ministries promoting exploration and investment opportunities. The IP focuses on providing a platform for bringing together countries with oil and gas resources and oil and gas companies looking to explore and produce them.

The IP enables attendees and explorers to review global opportunities, learn about the latest discoveries and bid round offerings, and to network directly with representatives from the countries who know the opportunities in detail.

In addition to the traditional exhibition of countries, the IP will be hosting an IP THEATRE. The wealth of information available from the country presentations in the IP THEATRE will include detailed review of the following:

  • Licensing Rounds
  • Open Acreage and Current Activity
  • Exploration Opportunities
  • New Data Availability

The IP THEATRE will provide a unique and exclusive environment for heads of new ventures, upstream, and exploration professionals at every major IOC to review the very latest information on global exploration opportunities. Attendees can expect to come away with heightened insight into current and future global activity. Plan now to drop by the IP, located in the exhibition hall at ICE 2019.